and simultaneous translation

Cutting-edge technology for conferences and translations, thus offering an interactive and professional experience.

Cutting-edge Technology

Brähler Systems are pioneers in conference and simultaneous translation technology. We are proud to bring this tradition of innovation and commitment to quality and sustainability to the Romanian market.

Why Brähler Systems?

Founded in 1959 by Helmut Brähler, the company was a pioneer in conference technology, inventing the first simultaneous interpretation system, and in 1976 the first software-controlled conference system, Digimic.

Brähler Systems is internationally recognized for the innovation and superior quality of its products, being involved in large-scale conferences.

Cutting-edge Technology

Haitian Electronic Technology is a manufacturer of conference equipment dedicated to innovation and the development of digital conference systems, interpretation systems, wireless microphones, meeting microphones, and a wide range of conference technologies.

Why Haitian Electronic Technology?

The conference system is reliable and meets the high expectations of customers in Romania.

In addition, the wireless voting system does not require cables and is suitable for meetings without prior seating arrangements. Haitian Electronic has over 100 patents and has been named a high-tech enterprise in China, holding top international certifications.

Case Study

Companies such as Philip Morris International, Superbet, and Roman Value Center have expressed the need for advanced conference and simultaneous translation solutions. 

Aware of the impact of these technologies on efficiency and internal and international communication, they chose to rely on the competence and knowledge of the RAV team to implement these solutions tailored to the specifics of each company.

Other solutions offered