Retail analytics

Retail Analytics is essential today, helping companies understand visitor behavior. 

This service is very useful for retail, allowing companies to count traffic, measure their performance, and adapt strategies based on collected data.

This includes functionalities such as people counting, which allows the collection of data on customer traffic in real-time, thus providing essential insights to boost sales and improve conversion rates.

Regardless of the industry in which it operates, Retail Analytics is a suitable solution for any business that wants to improve its efficiency, reduce costs, and establish growth strategies based on the performance of its locations.

For maximum efficiency, this retail data analysis solution is based on a suite of tools, including a people counting platform, state-of-the-art sensors, tracking tags, heat maps, and staff exclusion tags.

These play an essential role in ensuring the accuracy of customer counting by eliminating store employees from the calculation. 

Thus, you benefit from a clear and precise picture of customer traffic in your commercial space.

Case Study

The collaboration between Roman Value Center and RAV demonstrated how the Retail Analytics solution can bring significant benefits to the retail industry. Using this solution, the shopping center managed to improve the understanding of customer behavior, while optimizing business performance at the same time.

The results were conclusive: an improved conversion rate, increased revenue, and enhanced operational efficiency.

RAV has implemented retail analytics solutions in projects for Philip Morris International or Superbet.

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