Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

ROMAUDIOVIDEO has introduced to the Romanian market the advanced voice alarm systems from OPTIMUS and TOA. 

These systems, globally recognized for their reliability and performance, represent the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design.

Voice alarms are becoming increasingly important in managing building safety systems. 

Voice messages provide precise information to users about the actions to be taken in emergency situations. They are part of the IDSAI systems.

A complete voice alarm solution relies on several essential components – controller, amplifier, backup amplifiers, backup power systems, operator microphones, firefighter microphones, loudspeakers, and line monitoring modules.

The voice alarm systems distributed by RAV are certified according to the European standard EN-54.

TOA Electronics or OPTIMUS Audio systems are designed to work in harmony, offering a high level of intelligence and security in managing emergency situations.

Case Study

The Municipal Stadium of Turnu Măgurele is a concrete example of the implementation of alarm and public address systems. In this project, we chose to use the EN-54 Toa Electronics solutions. The choice of Toa Electronics public address and alarm systems ensured a high level of safety and clear communication for the spectators at the sports events held at the stadium.

Case Study

The Office One building represents a modern office space, designed to provide a safe and efficient work environment. 

RAV was responsible for implementing state-of-the-art voice alarm systems. 

RAV used voice alarm solutions in projects carried out at U Center, Kaufland Stores, Jumbo Romania, Carrefour Stores, Prime Kapital Malls, NEPI Malls.

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