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Discover the superior quality of sound with our range of sound equipment, designed to provide exceptional acoustics in any environment.

Professional sound systems are assemblies of high-performance audio equipment, designed to operate in commercial and professional environments, including restaurants, gyms, and stadiums.

These systems are distinguished by several features:

  • Active and passive speakers: Active speakers are equipped with their own internal amplifier, while passive speakers require an external amplifier. The choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the location and the complexity of the audio system.
  • Digital mixers: These are devices that take multiple audio sources and combine them into a composite audio stream. Digital mixers provide precise control over sound levels, balance, and audio effects.
  • Digital processors: Digital Signal Processors (DSP) are used to process and improve audio signals before they are sent to the amplifier and speakers. These can include equalizers, compressors, limiters, and many others.
  • Ambient noise controllers: These are devices that monitor the level of ambient noise and automatically adjust the volume of the sound system to ensure consistent audibility.
  • Digital power amplifiers: Power amplifiers take the audio signal processed by the DSP and amplify it to drive the speakers.

The technology offers audio solutions to improve acoustics and ensure an exceptional sound experience, including in concert halls.

Case Study - Sound Systems

The RAV team implemented state-of-the-art sound systems at AFI Tech Park, one of the most innovative and modern technology parks in Romania.

The RAV team also installed sound systems at Victoria’s Secret stores and the Brașov Business Center.


Prosound systems represent the elite of audio equipment, specially created for professional environments. 

Designed to withstand locations such as stadiums, restaurants, or sports halls, these systems guarantee impeccable sound quality and continuous operation, ensuring uninterrupted and top audio performance.

Case Study - Prosound

The RAV team implemented high-quality Prosound systems within Turda Arena, thus ensuring an exceptional audio experience for event participants. 

With a capacity of over 3,320 seats, Turda Arena is an impressive venue, intended to bring benefits to the local community, develop sports infrastructure and tourism, as well as host international competitions.

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