Commercial centers


Retail Analytics

Shopping centers should provide the necessary space not only for tenants but also for facilitating communication with visitors or even for their own events.

DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) must allow content to be changed at any time regardless of the area where it is located: outdoors, outdoor LED or street totems; while indoors a mix between LED, totems, strategically placed displays will ensure the transmission of information to the customer regardless of their route and the reason for their visit to the mall. Sound and alarm systems are all the more important here, considering the number of visitors who cross the threshold of shopping centers, a number that can be collected through the use of people counting systems.

Reference projects

Promenada Mall

Băneasa Shopping CIty

City Park Constanța

Atrium Center

Shopping City Sibiu

Shopping City Vâlcea

Deva Shopping Center

Afi Palace Ploiești

Roman Value Center

Baia Mare Value Center

Bârlad Value Center