Nurse call

Nurse call systems represent a communication bridge between patients and medical staff, ensuring a rapid response. 

They help to reduce waiting time, contributing to a positive experience for patients.

To ensure the correct and efficient operation of nurse call systems, RAV supplies and installs all the essential components of nurse call systems produced by Austco, including:

  • Patient Button: sends an emergency signal to the nurses’ station unit
  • Warning Light: lights up differently, depending on the system’s status
  • Bathroom Panic Button: provides a rapid alert in case of an emergency
  • Nurses’ Pager: receives information regarding incoming alerts and the type of call
  • Master Station: coordinates and manages the entire system
  • Room Unit: allows local communication in the patient’s room
  • Monitoring Platform: facilitates the supervision and management of the system in real-time

RAV handles all aspects of the implementation of Rondish nurse call systems, ensuring that they operate at optimal parameters to support efficient communication between patients and medical staff.

Case Study

RAV has implemented audio nurse call systems in Gral Medical clinics, providing an efficient and modern solution for communication between patients and medical staff. 

The integration of medical call systems has improved response times, reduced staff stress, and increased patient satisfaction. Through this collaboration, Gral Medical has managed to adapt to the continuously changing needs of the healthcare industry, securing its place among the top medical clinics with advanced technology. 

The same type of Nurse Call systems has been implemented in the King Carol I Town Hospital in Costești.

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Nurse Call