INTERCOM technology facilitates secure and efficient communication, whether in emergency situations or in everyday life, being useful in hospitals, factories, government institutions, and schools.

Intercom is an integrated audio communication system that uses IP network technology for fast and precise communications, with optimal security and reliability.

These solutions can be used in various environments – office buildings, university campuses, hospitals, transport, or industry.

The intercom is based on a few essential components, without which it could not function – main station, microphone, door station.

The INTERCOM system offers a wide range of functions, from conversation, background music broadcasting, to emergency broadcasting, audio triggering, and other security functions, ensuring reliable transmission of all types of emergency communications.

Thanks to its open architecture, INTERCOM allows flexible integration with other systems, reducing costs by the possibility of updating and expanding the intercom system without replacing the already installed equipment, such as surveillance cameras, telephones, and access control.

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