Digital Signage

These displays bring creative ideas to life and allow businesses to showcase real-time updated content that captures the attention of visitors and convinces them. They are suitable for any industry, including retail, fast food, corporations, or medical.

The collaboration between RAV and Samsung ensures optimal integration of technology and high-quality services for customers who choose to use the MagicINFO™ platform in their digital display systems. 

The Digital Signage solution is suitable for any industry, including retail, fast food, corporations, or medical. 

Among the advantages of the solution are intelligent content distribution, multiple design options, perfect compatibility between Samsung equipment and the content distribution system, complete remote control of the equipment, and reduced hardware maintenance.

Case Study

RAV has implemented Digital Signage solutions for Rompetrol gas stations, contributing to their development and modernization. This innovative system has allowed for efficient and attractive communication with customers, facilitating an optimal experience at the gas stations.

In addition, our solutions have been implemented in customized projects for Auchan stores, Dona pharmacies, Carrefour stores, or KFC restaurants.

Remote Management Cloud

This service allows companies to monitor their screens remotely, regardless of location. The solution has the ability to identify and remedy hardware and software errors, thus reducing the need for on-site visits or requests for technical interventions.

With the help of the CMS MagicINFO™ platform, the Digital Signage solution allows for the management of content and devices from a single central point.

The MagicINFO platform is included in Samsung Display Solutions products and provides users with tools for creating, managing, and analyzing digital content within Digital Signage solutions.

It offers a suite of creative tools for content creation and management, as well as data analysis and promotion automation.

Stands and Mounts

Thanks to partnerships with EDBAK and B-TECH, RAV offers durable stands and mounts, contributing to the appearance and strategic positioning of digital display systems.

B-TECH is another leader in the field of stands and mounts for screens, offering a wide range of high-quality and reliable products.

EDBAK is a renowned European manufacturer of stands and mounts for screens, with a tradition of over 20 years in the field. Their varied range of products includes fixed, mobile, wall, or ceiling mounts, as well as customized solutions for projects of any size.

MagicINFO™ consists of three main components that work in synergy:

Author – content creation is easy and quick thanks to the tools integrated into an intuitive interface.

Server – on the other hand, it provides comprehensive content management, facilitating scheduling, playlist creation, and content distribution itself.

Player – you can play content in any format, without the need to use external software or hardware.

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